1. I am new to Bloomington. How do I become a member of Marathi Mandal?

It’s easy. You can become a MMBN member by:
-- Sending an email to sampark@bmmandal.org
-- Sending a Facebook friend request

2. Is there an annual membership fee?

There is no separate annual membership fee. Given the ever-changing nature of the Marathi population in Bloomington-Normal, Mandal has decided to forego an annual membership fee and covers its expenses through individual event tickets only. We believe not having an annual fee promotes better individual event attendance and allows members of the Marathi community the flexibility to choose which events they would like to attend.

3. How do I pay for the event ticket?

You can pay for an event ticket via:
-- Payment through Paypal
-- Personal Check payable to "MMBN" OR “Marathi Mandal Bloomington-Normal”

4. How many programs are conducted in one calendar year for BNMM?

Annually there are three events : Sankrant, Gudhi-Padwa and Ganeshotsav. Occasionally other events like Marathi movie, program by marathi artists/parents visiting from India. Workshops for kids/parents are arranged.

5. Why should I get involved with Marathi Mandal?

MMBN was founded with the goal of bringing together Marathi-speaking people. We are one of the most successful and accomplished groups of Indian origin. By getting involved with Mandal, you can expand your social and professional network, share your appreciation of Marathi culture, and help make the Marathi community stronger.

6. Can I volunteer for Mandal events?

Yes, you certainly can.Mandal values and appreciates the help of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please email sampark@bmmandal.org with your area of interest.

7. How can I participate in the event?

Please send an email to sampark@bmmandal.org with your area of interest. Mandal looks forward to your participation.

8. Why should I RSVP?

Your RSVP is valuable. RSVP means confirming that you are attending the event. You may give RSVP by replying to the invite on Facebook OR by replying to the invitation email. RSVP helps to get an idea about the headcount and thus helps for better organization of the event.

9. What is included in the event ticket?

The ticket price covers the cost of venue rental, audio and lights equipment, liability insurance, food, babysitting services fee among other costs associated with the event.

10. Do volunteers and event participants buy tickets for the events?

Yes. Because Mandal does not have an annual membership fee, all attendees are expected to purchase a ticket for an event.

11. Does Mandal provide Child-care for all events?

Mandal makes an effort to provide child-care/babysitting services for all events.
Please note: child care is provided only to children ages 3 and above.

12. Why can’t we have food in the auditorium?

It is a rule set by the venue/auditorium management to maintain cleanliness and general upkeep of the facility. We appreciate your cooperation.

13. Can dinner boxes be picked up prior to the end of the event?

We prefer that dinner boxes only be picked up upon completion of the event. However, exceptions can be made for individuals with health-related reasons.

14. Can non-Marathi speakers and members of other communities attend and participate Mandal events?

Yes absolutely ! Mandal welcomes all those with an interest and love for Marathi culture and events. Please note that the entirety of the program is held in Marathi.

15. If I have any questions which are not covered as part of FAQ how can I get help?

Please send an email to sampark@bmmandal.org with your questions. Your valuable feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Last but not least, we thank you for attending and enjoying all Mandal events with your family and kids. We appreciate your efforts in helping us maintain a cordial and respectful environment for our performers during our events.